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It’s hard to walk tall when you’re small

It’s hard to walk tall when you’re small


It was a very emotional week for all FCB fans, including myself. What can I say, eh? Dani Alves in his interview said that even though Bayern Munich have deserved their place in the final, in his opinion Barcelona is still a better team. Is it?

We got smashed, demolished. Yeah sure, it was 7-0. No one ever got beaten so bad in the semi finals of UCL. True, but does it matter whether we lost 4-3 or 7-0? Defeat is still a defeat, but the question is if the team is willing to bounce back and take it as a lesson, very painful but still a lesson to improve. Despite the UCL I still think that the season ending was relatively good. We have secured our victory in the league before the end of the season. We have lost the chance to win Copa Del Rey to a Real Madrid, and Jose Maurinho who showed us once again that he knows how to play against Barcelona.

It is time for changes. Strong defense, support in the attack which should not be focuses only on Messi. Neymar is coming  Good, let’s make him another Eto’o Ronaldinho or Henry. And for god’s sake, Tito, you have not matured as a manager to be in charge of a team like FCB. You may have a great opportunities waiting for you in another team in Europe, however, it was too early for you to take over  Blaugrana

What I talk about when I talk about getting back to running

What I talk about when I talk about getting back to running

haruki murakami  What I Talk About when I talk abour running
What I Talk About when I talk abour running by Haruki Murakami – my ultimate running  Mémoire

2012 was a pretty exhausting year for me. 3 times I have been changing flats, moving from south London (finally) to peaceful and quiet (well, most of the times…) suburbs of north-west London. Surviving through first year of law school was sometimes more that I could have handled. But I got through.  I managed to go outside the UK for my holiday, I was struggling but I found time to read books during 2012. One thing that I didn’t have the time for (or didn’t want to have) was running.

I loved to run since I was 10 I guess. During my years that I have been into long-distance swimming at school, and later on in high school, when I was taking taekwon-do  really seriously. I had been always running. And even though I didn’t run for over 15 months already (excluding short attends to coming back to running last spring just before my finals at uni)

I told myself couple of weeks ago that my biggest and most important new year’s resolution for 2013 will be running. I am setting myself a goal to achieve 100 miles for 2013 by the end of the year, with a little help of Runtastic I should be able to tell after a months or so if that is possible or not. First step: buying myself a decent pair of Asics.

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