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Weekly Photo Challange: Lunch Time


photo taken 19th of September 2012, in Marbella, Spain. And yes, this is an icecream insinde the coconut.


2012 in review – Photos: Spain & Italy (part 2/2)

2012 in review – Photos: Spain & Italy (part 2/2)

As part 3 (after Ireland and Spain & Gibraltar) of my 2012 in review, I would like to share some photos and thoughts from my trip to spain & italy during September 2012. The last part consists of set of photos from Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona & Rome. So, after departing from Málaga Airport we headed to Palma De Mallorca, to spend 4 days on the beach, pretty exhausted from quite active stay in Andalusia.

Amphitheatrum Flavium, Rome

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2012 in review – Spain & Gibraltar (Part 1/2)

2012 in review – Spain & Gibraltar (Part 1/2)

Okay, after Ireland (2012 in Review – Ireland) now it’s time for a little photo report from my longest trip this year – Spain. At the  beginning I need to mention couple of things. I wasn’t planning to take such a trip until May/early June. Me and my girlfriend we were both hoping to go to Japan this summer, planning a trip across the man island. However, considering all what have been going on during this year, we eventually changed our plans, for the “easier” and “closer” holiday destination.


We spend over 2 traveling from London to Malaga, visiting cities in Andalucia; Marbella, Malaga, Tarifa, Ronda, Seville, we managed to go to Gibraltar. Our next stop was Palma de Mallorca, where we spend 3 nights. After that we took a flight to Barcelona, spending there 2 nights. We finished our journey in Rome, Italy, spending there 2 nights, including my girlfriend’s birthday. This is the first part, of planned 2 photo reports. In this one, I would like to show some photos and share my thoughts from our stay in Andalucia and Gibraltar, in the second one (which you can expect in couple of days) I will describe my travel experience in Palma, Barceona & Rome.

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