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France, Part 1 – Paris

Paris Nord

I guess it is finally time for me to write something about my recent trip to France. It wasn’t a long trip. It way way shorter than it supposed to be, but I have really enjoyed it, and I tried to take the most of it. It is not a suprise that many people prefer to travel by trains instead of plains. It is a easy choice, especially when traveling to your destination by train is so convenient. You don’t need to book endless number of airport coach buses. You go straight, from one city center to another. When I was booking Eurostar, back in July, I didn’t even think for a sec to check flight connections between London and Paris. It was a great opportunity for me, to finally experience that travel.

The whole experience of traveling with Eurostar can be described as a one, single word: smooth. Starting from the check-in at St. Pancreas, through boarding, getting off in Paris Nord, it went so smoothly, that I didn’t even realize when the staff member has been announcing our arrival in Paris. And yes, it was my first travel to France. I was about to go to Marseille or Nice last year, when I was planning my 3 weeks trip to Spain and Italy, however, due to expensive flight tickets to France at that time, I have settled for exploring Spain longer. Hotel which we had booked was very close to the main rail station, so even though we have arrived after midnight we didn’t have any problems with finding directions.

Arc de triomphe
Arc de triomphe

Our First day we have started with visiting Arc de triomphe. The view from the top of the Arc is breathtaking, allowing you to see the whole city from every possible angle (highly recommended to visit when the weather is nice, and the sky is clear. It is also good to be a European Union Citizen, and get a free pass there! Next stop was Eiffel Tower – an obvious must see in Paris. From Champs de Mars we have gone to Musée de l’Armé which is situated in a walking distance from musee d’orsay.

First day was definitively A museums Day. After we spend over 2 hours going around in Musee d’Orsay we went to see the Louvre. It was a very exhausting day, however, I was more than happy that I have managed to see so much in so little time. Paris, as a city is so beautiful that even when you get lost for once, and just go any direction you feel like, you will end up admiring gorgeous architecture of the town, while forgetting completely where you were meant to go.  I gotta admit, it happened to me, more than once actually! A Museums day have ended with a brief visit to Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme (Museum of Jewish Art and History)

mouline rogue – too bad I didn’t take a picture of the queue

During the evenning time, the only place we have managed to visit was mouline rouge. Mouline rouge was nothing like I have imagined. It is easy to say that the famous theatre is way popular than any other musical theatre in london. We happen to be there, in front of the entrance at the admission time. We spend some time walking around the main street on which the theatre is situated, being amazed by the number of sex-shops which are open till very late, even during week days.

The next day, we have taken a train journey to Versailles, came back later in the afternoon to Paris, to say goodbye to the beautiful city however, I will write more about in the next post… Thanks for reading!


I’m still alive!

It has been so long since the last time I have written anything in here. I guess, too much has been going on lately. Changes in personal life, changes at work, at uni, to put in simpler: too many changes. Due to so many things happening recently, I didnt have enough time to catch up with reading, to be honest the last book that I have actually managed to finish was Cloud Atlas ( it still deserves a proper review – it was just toooo good!). I have tried to Finnish Pelican Brief during my flights home last month. Still home like a half of the book left.

I have finished my 2nd year, hopefully, I will be able to take intellectual property law as my additional subject starting from 3rd year. Finally, I would be able to concentrate more on what exactly I want to do with my degree in the future.

I have so much to tell about my recent trips, however during past few months it was so hard for me to find  enough time to get to it properly. I hope, that with October, I will finally find time to explain all the big changes that have been going on for a while now. Before that, let me share one of the best photos I managed to take this summer (and yes, SURPRISINGLY, this is from Paris, France!)


Taken 2

Taken 2

Liam Neeson is a bad-ass. You don’t mess with Zeus, Obi-Wan Kenobi who trained Darth Vader himself, and Ra’s al Ghul who trained Batman. You just don’t. Especially you do not try to kidnap his daughter or wife.


I love Taken. It is a relatively short movie, which takes you on a great , fast and thrilling ride across Paris.  It has been over 3 years since the first time I saw Taken, and I have been really looking forward to see the sequel. In general, I liked it. It was a good action movie, good enough to keep me entertained for 1h30 minutes, but not good enough to meet my expectations set by the Taken. I like the idea that movie has been shoot in the city like Istanbul, but this is not the kind of movie that I will be happy to re-watch like I did with Taken.