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I’m still alive!

It has been so long since the last time I have written anything in here. I guess, too much has been going on lately. Changes in personal life, changes at work, at uni, to put in simpler: too many changes. Due to so many things happening recently, I didnt have enough time to catch up with reading, to be honest the last book that I have actually managed to finish was Cloud Atlas ( it still deserves a proper review – it was just toooo good!). I have tried to Finnish Pelican Brief during my flights home last month. Still home like a half of the book left.

I have finished my 2nd year, hopefully, I will be able to take intellectual property law as my additional subject starting from 3rd year. Finally, I would be able to concentrate more on what exactly I want to do with my degree in the future.

I have so much to tell about my recent trips, however during past few months it was so hard for me to find  enough time to get to it properly. I hope, that with October, I will finally find time to explain all the big changes that have been going on for a while now. Before that, let me share one of the best photos I managed to take this summer (and yes, SURPRISINGLY, this is from Paris, France!)



Thailand 2013


So it is decided, my next holiday destination place is Thailand. As last year I could not manage to go to japan, due to lack of time, money, and time once again, thailand would be nice, cheap and quite exciting alternative this year. However, after spending two weeks in spain and italy in september, I feel like I am not ready for the summer heat in bangkok.

As my primary plan is to travel across the island, Im gonna try to do couple of blog-reports daily from different places in thailand, and also if the whole trip is not gonna ruin my savings account, buy additional lens for some landscape photos.

Cant Wait!!