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Ubuntu phone OS – official teaser

Ubuntu phone OS – official teaser

ubuntu mobile os

Ok, I haven’t been checking latest Linux rumors regarding new projects from canonical for a long, long time. That’s why, 3 days ago when I saw an official countdown clock at the Ubuntu main page, my first thought was that Ubuntu will be available with some sort of “tablet friendly” distribution with the next release. I was positively surprised with the announcement of the Ubuntu Phone Os. So, after watching the official teaser, and the short hands -on demonstration presented by The Verge, I made couple of conclusions regarding Ubuntu Phone Os:

  1. This is a stunning OS. At least it looks like it is going to be one. Cannonical did a great job with trying to bring all what is best, handy and easy to use in Unity Shell. I especially like the feature of unlocking the screen by sweeping the screen. Simple and easy.

  1. This is a OS for large screen phones. And as much as I enjoy months of experience with my Galaxy Note, and understand that not all of you will appreciate working with larger screen smartphones. I understand, that the phone used in the presentation is Nexus 4, which comparing to iphone (4S – 3.5 inches, IP5- 4inches) is already huge. Sweeping notifications panels from the top on screens smaller than 4-inches would be a nightmare. But with Samsung, HTC and soon Sony joining the team of 5-inch screen’s phones, the list of the “bigger smartphones” is growing.
  2. Once the full info about the system of delivering the devices with pre-installed Ubuntu Phone OS and the option to install it will be provided I will make up my mind about Ubuntu Phone OS. As for now, I would love to see it in action on Galaxy Note II, even in the development state
  3. And I just love that Ubuntu notification circle.



Google Zeitgest 2012 – 1.2 trillion searches around the globe

Google announced on Monday its annual search report which is showing what people have been searchin in the past 12 moths as short, 3 minutes collage video.

Google Zeitgest, (which originally replaced Google Trends in 2007) is providing with the complete report for  1.2 trillion searches made in 146 different languages. These impressive numbers are point out the highlights of the most important events which have occured during 2012.

I am actually quite surprised by the top-searched movies in 2012, and relatively low, 4th place of The Avangers Assembly in the chart. Well, as much as I found Hunger Games disappointing, I need to admit that the whole fuss on the internet before the movie came out made me read the book in the first place.

Microsoft Surface hits Retail Stores

According to latest rumors (, Latest tablets from MSFT are going to be sold by retail stores “within days”.


As for now microsoft surface is avaiable only through Microsoft Store, which makes it almost impossible to get real-life experience with the device in almost every country outside U.S. As I am planning to buy myself newest microsoft tablet (I’am not sure yet which one I am going to buy – RT or PRO), having a chance to play with it in the store makes a huge difference. Hopefully, following retail stores in U.S, United Kingdon shall expect them early in the january.


I remember when I first joined closed beta couple of months ago, my first impression was “god, it sucks”. Still dont know what to think, even though today I realised that the whole layout has gone through some major changes, kind of like a mix of facebook and instagram. As far as I am impressed with the simplicity of the interface, I am slighty concerned what MSFT wants to do with it exactly?

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Office for Android

This is something that I have been actually waiting for. Since couple of months there was a lot of rumors about microsoft’s making serious progress in developing mobile version of one of its flagship products which is going to be avaiable for mobile devices, supporting both iOS and android.

According to latest rumors, android and iOS versions of office are gonna be limited to  view-mode only for native office documents, however through the online services there will available subscriptions for office365. Even though there are some screenshots of future mobile office interface, its hard to predict how ‘handy’ this app would be comparing to already available read-only, office-like applications. As I am reading a lot of .doc files “on the go” while I am commuting I am especially Interested in how all of this will turn out eventually.