rankings for 2012

While checking my old stats, I decided to post a little summary of my 2012 in music, what I have been listening to during 2012 to be exact.Here is a short list with some notes of explanation.


ewewq statistics

  1. Jack Johson. 
    Believe or not, but this guy has been my commuting company for over a year now. Especially while I was still living in south london, taking northern line to another end of the London, Jack and my kindle were helping me get through these long daily travels. And even when the weather was the most typical in London  (which means: rainy as hell), a little bit of me felt like jack is telling me all about the Hawaii. Most played albums: Jack Johnson and Friends – Best of Kokua Festival, Brushfire Fairytales
  2. The Tallest Man on Earth. 
    Kristian Matsson is one of my biggest discovieries of 2012. Considering all of the new music artists that I have stubled upon last year, he is the biggest I guess. I’ve been listening to The Tallest Man on Earth like crazy during my exams last year. By listening to The Tallest Man on Earth ( who, by has the voice very similar to Bob Dylan BTW), I started to appreciate new-folk more and more thanks to him. I am still making my way through his albums, and I really regret that I have missed his gig in Inslington last year. Great artist! Most played album: The Shallow Grave
  3. Björk  Faviorute album: Biophilia
  4. Third Eye Blind 
    I think Blue as a album was my most played during 2012. Usually I don’t listen to music from 90s so often, but with these guys, I don’t mind hearing the same song over and over again. Literally.
  5. The Rolling Stones
    Most Played album:  The Rolling Stones – Grrr!
  6. Bob Dylan
    Even though I am not listening to Bob Dylan as much as I used to, he remain my all time best and most important music artist ever. 6 years ago, he introduced me to the whole world of western music from 60’s and 70’s. He opened my eyes for the music from past decades. There is so much I would like to say about Dylan’s music but I guess this is not the right post. Anyway, my most played album this year would be Bob Dylan Live at Budokan.
  7. Daft Punk
    Most Played album: Tron: Legacy (soundtrack)
  8. Eddie Vedder
    Most played album: Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs
  9. Nada Sutf
    most played album: Clear Eye Clouded Mind
  10. Enter Shikari
    most played album: A Flash Flood of Colour

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