Travel Plans for 2013

Travel Plans for 2013

Looking back at 2012, I must say that my biggest disappointment was that I couldn’t manage to go to Japan as I planned. I have been dreaming of going there for years now, however, so many things got in the way. Finally, I gave up. So, all the plans of doing a road trip across the main islands had to be postponed  to at lest 2015. But life goes on, its almost middle of January 2013, and its time to make some final decisions. And even though I have a very busy year ahead of my, here is my list of places that I am planning to visit (or re-visit) in 2013:

  1. ToruńPoland (mid-February 2013). Going back to my hometown, after 8 months (since my last visit) makes my really exited, especially cause I really miss snow, and proper winter here, in London. Even though I am not planning to go back home for long (approximately 5-7 days only), I will try to take most of this time, and obviously take lots of pictures,
  2. Thailand (summer 2013). As I have mentioned in November, my biggest holiday plan for upcoming summer 2013 is the trip to Thailand  Me and my girlfriend are still considering the best time frame for it, cause we do not want to get caught by the monsoon season. We both know that it will take a lot of planning and organizing  Starting from late February we will focus on making first drafts of day-to-day travel plan, and collecting all of the use full info. But hey, that’s what and all of the travel blogs are for!
  3. Montreal, Canada (late August-early September 2013). Yes, I have never been to north america before, and I am really excited. It wasn’t my idea in the first place to go to Canada for a week, but my girlfriend mentioned Canada as the possible place to finish our studies by pursuing masters degree there. September will be the months that we will decide what to do after all these years in London.

So this is it. These are 3 trips that will definitely happen during 2013. As to our back up plans, we were considering finally taking Eurostar and going to paris for a long-weekend in the spring or late autumn, however, it is a big question mark for now.


9 thoughts on “Travel Plans for 2013

  1. Best of luck with your goals! I made it to 10 places in 2012 (but 5 were rather close by). I hope to go back to Italy this year and some weekend trips close by. So far I am not making a ton of plans though. Don’t want to feel too bummed about not making it anywhere

  2. Hope I could go to your hometown someday 🙂 though it seems so far away like a dream but like a dream it might come true someday. Best wishes for a 3/3 travel vacations this 2013! :))

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