2012 in review – Photos: Spain & Italy (part 2/2)

2012 in review – Photos: Spain & Italy (part 2/2)

As part 3 (after Ireland and Spain & Gibraltar) of my 2012 in review, I would like to share some photos and thoughts from my trip to spain & italy during September 2012. The last part consists of set of photos from Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona & Rome. So, after departing from Málaga Airport we headed to Palma De Mallorca, to spend 4 days on the beach, pretty exhausted from quite active stay in Andalusia.

Amphitheatrum Flavium, Rome

Palma de Mallorca is the biggest city of the Mallorca Island. As one of the favourites vacation spot of his His Majesty Juan Carlos the First – King of Spain, Mallorca offers excellent place to spend summer holiday for people who prefer to chill on the beach during the heat, and have the alternative to explore rocky island after long hours on the beach. Even though, we didn’t have the chance to go anywhere outside Palma, we may come back to visit the whole island, which offers a lot of attractions and possibilities for people who prefer to spend their free time in more active way.

After leaving Palma, we have stayed for 4 days in Barcelona  attending one of the games at camp nou (Fc Barcelona – Granada Fc). Me, as a huuuge Barcelona fan could not wait to see this beautiful arena with my own eyes. Actually, seeing Messi and the boys play was one of the points on my bucket lists.

We fell in love with Barcelona. It is a amazing city. It was such a shame that we didn’t have more time to explore the city to the fullest,  that’s why we decided that I will not be our last time in Catalunya.

After leaving Barcelona, our last stop on this long journey was Rome. Being already quite exhausted we spent 3 quit days including my girlfriend’s birthday by enjoyed what is best in the city – exploring rich cultural heritage of roman empire and trying different restaurants and pizzerias.


15 thoughts on “2012 in review – Photos: Spain & Italy (part 2/2)

  1. Your photos are great. How fun you got to see a Barca game. I’m looking forward to visiting Spain for the first time in 2013 ~ my daughter is a huge Real Madrid fan so hoping to see a match in Madrid.

    1. The Game was amazing! Even if you are not a fun of Barca and happened to be in Barcelona, it is worth to go there even as a experiance! Madrid is on my list of cities in Spain yet to visit, but I am sure I will be back to visit it.

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