Ubuntu phone OS – official teaser

Ubuntu phone OS – official teaser

ubuntu mobile os

Ok, I haven’t been checking latest Linux rumors regarding new projects from canonical for a long, long time. That’s why, 3 days ago when I saw an official countdown clock at the Ubuntu main page, my first thought was that Ubuntu will be available with some sort of “tablet friendly” distribution with the next release. I was positively surprised with the announcement of the Ubuntu Phone Os. So, after watching the official teaser, and the short hands -on demonstration presented by The Verge, I made couple of conclusions regarding Ubuntu Phone Os:

  1. This is a stunning OS. At least it looks like it is going to be one. Cannonical did a great job with trying to bring all what is best, handy and easy to use in Unity Shell. I especially like the feature of unlocking the screen by sweeping the screen. Simple and easy.

  1. This is a OS for large screen phones. And as much as I enjoy months of experience with my Galaxy Note, and understand that not all of you will appreciate working with larger screen smartphones. I understand, that the phone used in the presentation is Nexus 4, which comparing to iphone (4S – 3.5 inches, IP5- 4inches) is already huge. Sweeping notifications panels from the top on screens smaller than 4-inches would be a nightmare. But with Samsung, HTC and soon Sony joining the team of 5-inch screen’s phones, the list of the “bigger smartphones” is growing.
  2. Once the full info about the system of delivering the devices with pre-installed Ubuntu Phone OS and the option to install it will be provided I will make up my mind about Ubuntu Phone OS. As for now, I would love to see it in action on Galaxy Note II, even in the development state
  3. And I just love that Ubuntu notification circle.



3 thoughts on “Ubuntu phone OS – official teaser

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