What I talk about when I talk about getting back to running

What I talk about when I talk about getting back to running

haruki murakami  What I Talk About when I talk abour running
What I Talk About when I talk abour running by Haruki Murakami – my ultimate running  Mémoire

2012 was a pretty exhausting year for me. 3 times I have been changing flats, moving from south London (finally) to peaceful and quiet (well, most of the times…) suburbs of north-west London. Surviving through first year of law school was sometimes more that I could have handled. But I got through.  I managed to go outside the UK for my holiday, I was struggling but I found time to read books during 2012. One thing that I didn’t have the time for (or didn’t want to have) was running.

I loved to run since I was 10 I guess. During my years that I have been into long-distance swimming at school, and later on in high school, when I was taking taekwon-do  really seriously. I had been always running. And even though I didn’t run for over 15 months already (excluding short attends to coming back to running last spring just before my finals at uni)

I told myself couple of weeks ago that my biggest and most important new year’s resolution for 2013 will be running. I am setting myself a goal to achieve 100 miles for 2013 by the end of the year, with a little help of Runtastic I should be able to tell after a months or so if that is possible or not. First step: buying myself a decent pair of Asics.


4 thoughts on “What I talk about when I talk about getting back to running

  1. Good luck with your New Year’s Resolution. You are young – you can do it. Remember exercise is excellent for the brain so running should help with your grades too:-)

  2. I fall in and out of my running habit all the time. It’s hard to get back into it, but once you’re in – you’re in! I always find it much easier to pin down a running buddy for those first few attempts. After putting one foot in front of the other for a while, the feeling is so great that you’ll be addicted in no time. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Back home I had a friend that I have been always jogging with. Once I started uni, I don’t have that extra amount of determination that I had by jogging with him. I know it’s harder going back to running by myself, but I will do my best!

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