The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

hobbit-unexpected-journey-poster2-bilbo-sword-610x902Thorin, Balin, Dwalin. Fíli, Kíli, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Glóin, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur. I didn’t pay that much of an attention to the dwarf’s names first time reading The Hobbit. But today, while waiting for the endless trailers to end before the film started, decided to remember all of them at the time I will be leaving the cinema. Did I succeed? No. But I really tried my best!

So, what is the best idea to spend the doomsday? Obviously, to watch the Hobbit. Some of you have read my pre-hobbit thought which I sheared couple of days ago. I need to start this review with a confession. Dear lord, how ignorant am I?

Ok, I guess I will have to say couple of things about the book first. As I previously said, I found Hobbit waaay to different from LOTR. It is not only the distance in time between those 2 publications – we are talking about of more than 17 years between these two books when it comes to publishing. And as I said, I found these two books to be very different, even though they overlap. Style of writing is different, the “mood” of the books is completely different. Hobbit has been written more like a “fairy-tale” style, which is slightly different to the “real epic novel style” represented by LOTR. However, I am not trying to point out the disadvantages  of one or another. However, given the Hobbit’s plot, screenwriters, and especially director of the movie has room for some serious improvisation, his own creativity, interpretation. And yes, that’s what I saw yesterday. As I have written before, hobbit unlike the LOTR, was a book appropriate for children. It is a great fairy-tale which  is not violent at all, unlike the movie. Peter Jackson turn this beautiful fairy tale into an epic story without going to far away from the original theme. And it is an extremely difficult to achieve, given the hobbit’s plot. Well done mr Jackson.


I was afraid that Peter Jackson will stay in the LOTR movie frame and stretch it so much, that hobbit is going to be just an “extension” to the successful trilogy. Oh boy, how wrong I was. Peter Jackson did an amazing job. He not only made a movie which is equally good and far better than my initial expectations, he made the movie really unique and one of its kind. From the very beginning and the story of The Lonely Mountain I was sure that he stood up to the challenge, which, let’s be honest – wasn’t easy at all.

I really like how Peter Jackson and his crew made two stories overlap, linking first minutes of the hobbit with the beginning of the LOTR trilogy. It is kind of nested hobbit within the the LOTR movies‘ plot. The idea that both of the trilogies makes one compact object is great for those who will be watching both of the in 4-5 years for the first time, without knowing the plot of the books. However, I must point out that the interpretation of the hobbit through the eyes of director and screenwriters is way more progressed than one would assume. I really like that the story of the The Lonely Mountain has gained such a “bold character” for the plot. The only thing which I was expecting to see in the first part and wasn’t included was the story of Beorn. Looking forward to see him in the second part.

I was thrilled about the idea of hobbit since the very first second that I found out about possible plans to continue Peter Jackon’s journey through middle earth.

However, the question which has bothered me through all these years was the validity of the 3part movie based on hobbit. And I don’t want to refer to any of the “extensions of the plot” as part of right gained  to use materials from other  Tolkien‘s books like Silmarillion. I am looking at it as The Hobbit the movie – which is based on ONE book, regardless possible references to other books (well, The Quest of Erebor has been already included in the first part of hobbit, taken from Unfinished Tales). But Once I was leaving the cinema I figured that single movie directed with such a precision couldn’t  include all of the details of The Hobbit. One may argue that the plot could have been divided into 2 parts. Perhaps. However, I am giving my credit of trust to Peter Jackson, as he didn’t disappoint  me with the first part.


The movie was simply great. It is funny, breathtaking, highly entertaining film which I could recommend to everyone, despite your feeling towards fantasy movies. I was about to post the review yesterday, but I decided to save my draft for the revision in the morning. What was going in my head after the screening was way to chaotic to turn in it into movie review. I think I may have better view on the movie after couple of months. I need to re-watch the movie to focus more on the details rather than trying to absorb all at once. And yes, perhaps it wasn’t 10/10 masterpiece by Peter Jackson, however, It was a really strong 8. Strong enough to makes me you want to return to the cinema to re-watchit once again. Since the first time watching lord of the rings – fellowship of the rings, I have decided, that one day I will visit New Zealand  and see all of those landscapes with me own eyes. The Hobbit brings us beautiful landscapes, both rendered using computers, and the real ones, showing the beauty of New Zealand .  And yes, this is the best movie of the year. period. 169 minutes full of awesomeness.

So, see you Bilbo, Gandalf, and all of your crazy dwarfs in cinema next time, hopefully really, reaaly soon!


10 thoughts on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

  1. Oh my, BEST movie of the year?! I can’t wait to see it, thanks for the review.. and for dropping into my blog too 😉 Happy new year and *phew* good thing we got through (umm) ‘doomsday’…

  2. A very good review,and yes i also felt the same way.
    The movie was brilliant and left the audience screaming for more.
    Eagerly awaiting for the next 2 parts.
    Also i was happy to see my review featured in the related articles section 🙂 – thanks

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