2012 in review – Spain & Gibraltar (Part 1/2)

2012 in review – Spain & Gibraltar (Part 1/2)

Okay, after Ireland (2012 in Review – Ireland) now it’s time for a little photo report from my longest trip this year – Spain. At the  beginning I need to mention couple of things. I wasn’t planning to take such a trip until May/early June. Me and my girlfriend we were both hoping to go to Japan this summer, planning a trip across the man island. However, considering all what have been going on during this year, we eventually changed our plans, for the “easier” and “closer” holiday destination.


We spend over 2 traveling from London to Malaga, visiting cities in Andalucia; Marbella, Malaga, Tarifa, Ronda, Seville, we managed to go to Gibraltar. Our next stop was Palma de Mallorca, where we spend 3 nights. After that we took a flight to Barcelona, spending there 2 nights. We finished our journey in Rome, Italy, spending there 2 nights, including my girlfriend’s birthday. This is the first part, of planned 2 photo reports. In this one, I would like to show some photos and share my thoughts from our stay in Andalucia and Gibraltar, in the second one (which you can expect in couple of days) I will describe my travel experience in Palma, Barceona & Rome.

So there we were – 14th of September, London Stanstead Airport waiting for the departure to Aeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del. Even though the weather in london was quite hot, we were expecting enormous differences  in temperatures. First thing, that drew my attention was amazing mountainous landscape around the city, which was clearly noticeable  from the airplane. We arrived in Malaga at 10pm local time, picked up by my girlfriend’s relatives, and then quick ride to our flat in Marbella, where we spend most of our time in Andalucia.

spainj(Plan of the journey – Andalucia (South Span) and Gibraltar)

Marbella is a small coastal town, south west from Malaga. As with Malaga, it is a very popular holiday destination among British people, who are choosing  both of these cities as their Foreign Retirement Destinations as well. The City which has the population of 130,000 makes you feel really cozy as long as you are fine with the Spanish heat. Marbella was our starting point. The day after we arrived, we took a trip to Ronda and Seville.


Ronda is situated on 750 m above the sea level, which makes it one of the highest city in this part of Spain. However this is not the only reason why Ronda is such a unique city. From the architectural side of Ronda – white buildings across the entire city combined with spectacular view from the Puente Nuevo give the city very unique appearance.

(Ronda – “White city”)

Seville was our next stop after visiting Ronda. The further into the country we kept on traveling, the hotter it was. Once we got to Seville (around noon) the heat was almost unbearable (you need to pardon my habits, but as a east European, 40 degrees is hotter than the hell itself). Our visit in Seville was limited only to the general tour across the city Centre. Seville as a city seems very Spanish, small, typically  narrow streets are spreading in every direction, from almost every possible main road. What I found surprising, is that during theafternoon hours, when the heat is the worst, by walking down the streets filled with small bars and restaurants, we can notice that on some of table umbrellas have water spray installed at the ends. Makes you feel cool, and forget about the heat for at least couple of seconds!

Seville is a very popular choice among abroad students, walking through the “old” city Centre, near cathedrals and the old buildings, one can notice many fine arts’ students sketching and painting. Many students from UK and USA are choosing Universidad de Sevilla because of its reputation.

(Seville – the largest city and the Capital of Andalucia

After spending some time at the border, we finally managed to drive in. Enormous Airstrip – that what you need to cross to enter the city. Yeah, you heard me, airstrip. Some of you may know this already, but for those who don’t – because of the size of Gibraltar, airstrip is literally going through the city, kinda cutting this tiny peninsula in half. Because of the economical value of that small country, Gibraltar needs to have constant access to international flight connections.

Gibraltar is really small, tiny I would say. That’s way we didn’t spend much time visiting. Main reason why we bothered to stay that long was actually Rock of Gibraltar. By taking a Aerial tramway it takes 5 minutes to get to the top of the mountain, from which we can enjoy marvelous view on the whole Gibraltar, as well as outline of the mountains in Morocco, across the Strait of Gibraltar.

(Gibraltar – view from the Rock of Gibraltar)

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