Game of Thrones Season #3 Countdown – 3 months

Game of Thrones Season #3 Countdown – 3 months

Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen

Even though it is still over 3 months till official premiere of 3rd season of Game of Thrones tv-series, I am already so excited after watching all the teasers and videos  about the production. Quite recently, the crew has announced that

Ciaran-Hinds-head-shot (1)
Ciarán Hinds

comparing to previous 2 season, upcoming one will include extended episodes. With the previous season we had longest episodes of 52-53 minutes, with the upcoming one the lenth will be extended even to 58. It does not seem like a big difference, however, according to latest rumors by CNN, producers are waiting for the official permission to extend some of the episodes to longer than an hour.

I am looking forward to the upcoming season not only because the episodes are going to be extended which will offer longer time spend in the land of Wsteros and other, but mainly because the 3rd season is based on the longest and-in my honest opinion-the most dynamic book published by the George R. R. Martin so far. I can’t tell for sure, if Storm of Swords was my favorite part of the series, however, It was THE book which made me fall in love with the A Song of Ice and Fire.


I am going to pay special attention to the performance of Ciarán Hinds playing new character introduced with the 3rd book – Mance Rayder. I must say that Mance is one of my favourite characters in the Storm of Swords, so I have high hopes for Ciarán, especially based on his role and performance in “Rome”.
Another interesting actor who has been cast for the 3rd season of Game of Thrones is Tobias Menzies who will be playing Edmure Tully, brother of Catelyn Stark, and lord of Riverrun.


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