Pre-Hobbit thoughts

Everyone is talking about The Hobbit recently. Without doubt the premiere of The Hobbit is for me one of the biggest film events this year. And yeah, I didn’t go to the premiere, even though, since I first heard the date of the premiere I kept promising myself that I’m going to book my ticket once they go on sale. But  finally I got my tickets, and I am going to IMAX on friday, full of hopes and concerns about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Possibly I am  in the minority here, but I read the hobbit long after reading and watching Lord of The Rings. Was that a mistake? Well, I don’t know, but one thing I do know for sure: because of that I judge every single book of Tolkien through my experience with LOTR. So what I am concerned about? I am afraid that Peter Jackson is still going to present me the LOTR world with the extended to The Hobbit’s plot. But that is not the way to do it. The Hobbit had been written in different way than Th Lord Of The Rings. And again, it may be my not-so-correct order of reading, but to me The Hobbit is like a prolog to the main book, which is to encourage further reading of the LOTR, rather than satisfying the ultimate reader. Middle Earth in LOTR is way more “matured”, developed, way more compact and scary than the middle-earth from The Hobbit.


Let’s go back to the movie once again. I agree that the movie wasn’t  perfect – there were some things that are bothering me each time I am re-watching the trilogy (and yes, I am doing that VERY often). But in general it was indescribable experience watching it for the first time despite the above. It was a great balance of almost everything that I was expecting. And most importantly, the plot has not been overwhelmed with the Visual effects. It was still about the story, not how they are presenting it. What about The Hobbit movie? I will find out on Friday.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Hobbit thoughts

  1. You know, I read The Hobbit before reading LotR, but even so (partly due to the epic quality and expansive nature of the LotR) I still ended up largely doing what you describe…seeing The Hobbit and judging it through the lens of its sequel.

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