2012 in Review – Ireland

As Part of the summary of 2012, I decided to post a small photo report from my recent trip to Ireland, which took place at the begining oj July. Even though I have been in Green Country only for couple of days I did enjoy my stay and perhaps in couple of years I shall return to visit other places in ireland (Would like to spend couple of days in Cork and visit Nothern Ireland).

The flight from london takes literally 50 minutes, so you can imagine, that getting from the airport to the city centre takes actually longer than the flight itself (dont even get me started on how long it takes to get to airport in london…). Me and my girlfriend had really easy plan – go to dublin, then take a bus to Wicklow Mountains National Park.

The City of our destiniton was Glendalough. It is a small village at the foot of Wicklow Mountains (West side of the Ireland, approximately 30 miles south from Dublin), with great Youth Hostels right next to the major trails. Despite the bad weather, we spent 2 awesome days  on walking in the mountains. Landscape of the mountains in Irealnd is different to the one that I am used to, by living in eastern-europe. Comparing to high and rough Tatra Mountains, Wicklow presents very “accessible” landspace, ideal for family tours, and even one day trips from dublin. At the time of our visit (first week of July) the whole area of  Glendalough didnt seem very crowded though (we decided to go there during the week). I would love to explore more national parks in Ireland someday, especially west side of the country.

The next was trip back to Dublin. We were really excited about spending 2 days in the capital of Ireland, as my girlfriend came up with the idea to consider the city and the local university for our graduate studies. I must say, that it is really unfair to say anything harsh about the city and my experience based on 2 days that I have spent there, however, Dublin didn’t make a good impression on me. And once again, that could have been due to the REALLY bad weather, however, the city seemed really grey (despite the temporary glimpses of the sun during almost constant and heavy rain). Who knows, perhaps  that is dictated by 2 years of living in London and on my next visit (if ever) to Dublin I will change my opinion.

For more photos from Ireland, please visit my Flicr profile – http://www.flickr.com/photos/maciejwitt/sets/72157630417745380/


13 thoughts on “2012 in Review – Ireland

  1. Gorgeous photos! Interesting that it takes longer to get to Dublin from the airport than from London via an airplane! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the post about avoiding a hangover on a plane! Steph

  2. I’m from Ireland and I can confirm that it rains *a lot* here, but that’s what makes the country so beautiful when it does stop raining. I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that we’re not part of ‘GB’ (assuming you meant Great Britain by that). We’re a very separate country.

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