My Picks: December

Tv-Shows – Homeland

I have started digging up tv shows which were continued from the previous year. Just recently I have watched pilot of the Homeland, psychological drama which tells the story of Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody(Damina Lewis) returning to U.S after 8 of being missing in Iraq.  Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) an CIA agent suspects that he may be planning attack on america. My recommendation for the month of December!

Music – Blur – Parklife (2012)

While listening to this album I feel kind of guilty that I did not manage to attend Blur’s summer concert in Hyde Park during the 2012 London Olimpics’ closing ceremony (note to myself: huuuuge mistake!). I had so many excuses that I kept repeating to myself, however I need to face the hard truth that I may have missed one of the most memorable Hyde Park events ever. There is nothing else for my to do but to cheer myself with the audio recording of the gig. The live album of my all-time favourite british band is my music pick for december 2012



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