The Hobbit reviewed By Time Out London

Even though it is still more than 5 days till The Hobbit will officialy hit the cinemas all over the world, Time Out London has published one of the first reviews of the upcoming Peter Jackson‘s movies based on Tolkien‘s novel. The Review itself is not as favorable as one may think.

One of the question asked by the author of the review, was weather planning another trilogy based on the considerebly small back (at least compering to the previous Lord of the Ring) actually makes sense

Many have wondered exactly how Jackson and his co-writers have found three movies in the relatively slim pickings of Tolkien’s early novel (compared to the later novels of the ‘Rings’ trilogy).

Leaving the whole concept of the trilogy aside for a moment, according to the review, the new technology which has been used during the production of the movie (faster frame-rate, 3d graphic technology) is delivering outstanding visual effects.

Time Out London gave the movie 3 out of  5 stars as the final judgment. Is it a fair rating corresponding with the actual quality of the movie?  We shall find out on 13th of December. I am really looking forward to it.


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