I remember when I first joined closed beta couple of months ago, my first impression was “god, it sucks”. Still dont know what to think, even though today I realised that the whole layout has gone through some major changes, kind of like a mix of facebook and instagram. As far as I am impressed with the simplicity of the interface, I am slighty concerned what MSFT wants to do with it exactly?

According to the statement of microsoft included in “about-page” The aim of the  whole project is more experimental rather than building competition for facebook.

Does Socl compete with social networking and search sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bing, or Google?

No, Socl is an experimental research project with a minimal set of features that combine social networking and search for the purpose of enabling people to express and share ideas through rich visual collages, organized by interests.


I will be checking and posting from time to time on my profile at to see in which direction they eventually gonna head. However, after the fail of Diaspora, I have my doubts.


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