Mistborn: Final Empire

Mistborn-coverAs I was about to get myself to read The way of the Kings by Brandon Sanderson this month I decided that before geting that over-1000pages bad boy on my kindle, I will try something ligter first.

I came across the author last year, with my second attempt to read The Wheel Of Time. As I gave up (at lest for the time being) at the begining of the Book 2 – Great Hunt, I became really curious how brave Brandon must have been to dare to finish that serie after the death of Robert Jordan.

I gotta say, I was not expecting that the book which is clearly easy-read type of fantasy would makes me skip my lectures! I am currently at the book 2, which is not as dynamic as the first one but still great read, however, I really admire consistency of the story.

As one of the members at goodreads said, Brandon may not be the greatest of fantasy writers, but he certainly is one of the writers the genre needs.


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