Polygon.com launch

So yeah, It has been couple of weeks already since Polygon.com officially launched. At the beginning I need to confess that I am truly addicted theverge.com. I keep constantly checking any kinds of updates, whether at home, or at work. I have theverge android app at at top of my primary screen on my galaxy note, which is I guess showing my commitment  Dont get my wrong – I am not particularly addicted to tech news per se. No. I just simply love TheVerge.com. The way the website is designed, the way the rewievs are precisely describing EVERY single detail which matters to me as a future user, the selections of topics that they are covering. So I guess you see my point why I have especially waited for the launch of the verge’s little brother.

It is not that I am as much into games as I was even couple of years. My hobbies and fields of interest had dramatically developed and are far more progressed than they used to be. However It doesnt stop me to check once in a while what is new in the game world, find out what is out recently. Last game I have played, (and even that was quite briefly) was Lord of The Rings – The Battle of Middle Earth.

My first reaction after launching the website? It does not seem nothing like theverge. Perhaps I have been used to the way It was designed too much, perhaps I was expecting something similar, or even the same as the verge. Anyway, as I am using my netbook quite often at home, studying or just browsing the internet in bed, I was surprised that on low, netbook resolution the website is just impossible to navigate. It gives my a headache just to scroll the site from top to the bottom, not to mention review-like pages which are just massive.

I guess It is just me, ’cause I assume that polygon.com has been appreciated among theverge users. For me, well polygon.com rss channels goes to my Google reader subscriptions however as far as the website itself is concern, I am not planning to use theverge’s brother very often.


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